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Pistol Pete's

Pistol Pete’s Fireworks is a small family owned and run business that strives to offer the best selection of class C consumer fireworks in Southwest Wisconsin.  Pistol Pete’s Fireworks retail store in Livingston, WI., has the largest selection of consumer fireworks in the Tri-State area.

Don’t fall for the buy-one-get-one free gimmicks made possible by overinflated prices.  Buy from a reputable company that has decades of experience in all facets of the fireworks industry.  We are not a fly-by-night roadside tent and will strive to offer the best advice on what to select, all with a personable one-on-one experience.  We will remain committed to bringing the most valuable asset, you the customer, the best selection at the lowest prices.  The pyro community is one big family and that is how you will be treated at Pistol Pete’s Fireworks.

There are over 1500 items to choose from-over 1500 Multi-Shot cakes. Shelves of fountains, Dozens of Rockets, over 75 Reloadable Aerial Shell Kits-including the BIGGEST and BADDEST 60 gram shells on the market!  We also have a large selection of Firecrackers, Sparklers, Novelties, Gender Reveal Items, Snaps, and so much more.  Shop early and often for the best selection-and of course, we have Sky Lanterns!

Pistol Pete's Interior

About Pistol Pete

Hi, I'm Peter 'Pistol Pete' Lyons!

Pistol Pete’s Fireworks began a long, long time ago when my passion for fireworks was ignited as a young kid at family parties (Where fireworks were always present in large quantities) in Chicago Heights, IL.  Throughout my childhood there were always fireworks around the Fourth of July.  My parents would take me to the shops along the highway in Southeast Wisconsin and even the Southern states on family vacations. 

For some reason that was never enough, and I wanted to be involved more.  I would try and find any book I could read at the library about the topic, then entered a miracle known as the internet.  In 1997, I sat in the Warren-Newport Library looking up anything fireworks on one of the few computers there, rather than doing my homework.  Low and behold, I found a company in Mineral Point, WI. called Kastner Pyrotechnics & Fireworks Manufacturing Co. and the rest is history.  My dad drove me there in the family station wagon and we met Ted Kastner.  I'm not sure why, but my mom and dad had some sort of faith in me and by the mid-2000s, I was building up to six inch display shells on my own from scratch.

Still, that was not enough.  In 2009, I began working for a major display company from Indiana, shooting professional displays in various states and over various bodies of water in Wisconsin and Illinois.  To this day, I still work for them and am beyond grateful for the experience and knowledge I have gained along the way.

As you may have guessed, that still was not enough.  Around 2014, I obtained my type 54 explosive license.  I began buying professional fireworks from the professional side of Kastner Fireworks.  The Fourth of July became an even more High Holy Holiday for the Lyons clan, which has grown and grown.  Our fireworks show on the Fourth of July rivals any city's show and the whole neighborhood waits for it.

It only makes sense that in the summer of 2022, during our annual trip to Livingston for our fix, when I learned Ted and Jeri were looking to sell the store and retire I had to up my involvement once again.  Ted and Jeri gave me the awesome opportunity to purchase the store and Pistol Pete’s Fireworks began.

It will continue to be my goal to maintain the shop as a small friendly ma and pa style shop, where everyone is welcome.  My goal will be to provide the best fireworks and selection on the market at fair prices to you, our customers! We love fireworks and enjoy imparting that knowledge to help you select the best fireworks for your location while working with your budget, large or small.

Our customers will always be valued and we appreciate your continued support!

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